Monday, January 18, 2010

Broaband Age, but not for Dad :-)

I've just had the biggest laugh in ages, thanks to my dad. It's hard to beleive we are in the broadband age of the Internet after you read this.

He wanted to send an email to a friend in Australia that he received a card off at Christmas so he asked me could I help him with it and show him what to do. So I told him to select new and put in the email addy etc and then he started to type in the main part, what did he type ?

Well his original message was short and sweet to say the least, here's what he put :

Card received, letter to follow.

And that was it !!! Ha Ha Ha !!!

I said to him "You can't just put that !" and he said "Why not what's wrong with it ?" I then explained that typing emails is rather like writing a letter and that he should at least say something a little more than he originally put and say who it was from. He then said "Why should I do that its got our email address on it hasn't it ?" I then said "Yes but he has never recived an email from you before or our email account so he will wonder who its from" to which my father replied "Oh" and at that point I then took over to show him how it should really be done.

It was like he was typing a telegram or something the way he was going to do it and its as if he thought he was in the second world war or something sending a message, a bit like 'message received over' HeHe.

It was just so funny, I couldn't really believe it, it just shows how some people know nothing about the internet and stuff, it really does. Mind you knowing my dad he probably thought that you had to pay per letter / word or something so thought the less he typed the cheaper it would be. He just had NO idea at all and I just find it so funny that he doesn't considering the amount of time I spend online n stuff. It just shows how much interest and attention he pays to me and what I do but we won't go into that as I'll only get annoyed. Mind you I guess he could probably learn more about the net n stuff if he ever got the chance to actually get on it. But then again he's not really that interested in it so I don't think me being on it all the time is anything to do with it as if I wasn't he probably wouldn't still bother with it anyway.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Looking Glass Eye Poem


World of illusions, fields of dreams,
When you laugh someone screams,
Looking glass eye what do you see ?
A land of hope where everything's free.

Corridors of madness, doors beyond reality,
Frustrated memories pleading insanity,
Looking glass eye what do you see ?
A land of hell covered in misery.

Taking you up, head in the sky,
Looking around feeling high,
Looking glass eye what do you see ?
A boy, a girl, and then there's me.

Shattered eyes, the faded past,
Soon to be gone, so soon, so fast,
Looking glass eye what do you see ?
A blurred message that I can't see.

Falling to the ground I lose my head,
I don't touch the bottom I think I'm dead.